Cries from a Crusty Heart


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Something Completely Different…

Oh, it’s different. Even surprised me.  Pink web page with hearts on it? Where are the airplanes? Not my normal style. I wasn’t planning on writing something like this, but, well, I did. And yes, I know I’m supposed to be working on Volume II of the Saga.

Maybe it’s heresy; maybe it’s just silly but I’m sure it will make you think. Contact me if you’re interested in an ARC.  

Timothy Klein

BTW, we can’t decided on a cover. Click on your favorite to download the preview (the pdf is the same but this helps us keep score.) NOTE: this is an unedited/uncorrected writer’s  draft. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Evelyn was just trudging through life. Nothing going really wrong, but nothing going great either. She wasn’t overly pretty, sexy, smart, rich or religious. Especially not overly-religious. Especially not since her father’s death.

Then, one lonely Saturday night, a guy knocks on her door. Claims to be an angel, sent by God in answer to her prayers. Yeah, sure. Then he proves it…

Maybe it will make you think, maybe it’s just silly, maybe it’s heresy.