Lou and Nancy Fabbri could not have known when they set out on an 8,200 mile trip from Georgia to Alaska in a two-seat Piper Cub affectionately known as Yellowbird that they were embarking on the journey of a lifetime.

Real Life Adventure

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The Lighter Side

  As the world edges closer to war a mighty flying boat is readied for her first flight, and America's enemies will do anything to see it fail. A plucky young pilot is given a mission that takes him to tropical islands and first love, and into the sights of murderous assassins; he, and America, will need courage to survive.

Young Adult

James Richard Jones and Helen Elnora Bartlett had a wartime romance whose voice was heard fifty-eight years later, crying out to be listened to. Enhanced with official, now declassified government documents, the love story of J.R. and Elnora unfolds as he writes to the love of his life from the jungles of New Guinea.

Pure Romance

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